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Get your TEFL certification in a variety of locations around the world

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate programs are intensive four-week courses ranging from 120 to 140 hours that prepare you for an entry-level teaching position worldwide. Instruction is done in the classroom in a variety of different countries allowing you to experience the culture before finding a job there. No matter which TEFL program you choose, you will earn a certificate that is internationally-recognized and you will learn the teaching skills employers are looking for!

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(Argentina, Brazil, Chile,
Denver (USA))

The Bridge IDELT (International Diploma in English Language Teaching) is our most prestigious TEFL course! It is only offered at BridgeTEFL Authorized Training Centers who meet our rigorous standards and quality assurances. Internationally-recognized, you will be on your way to teaching abroad with this diploma!

$1,995 - $2,495
Course tuition



(Colombia, Denver (USA),
South Africa, Spain)

The University of Cambridge ESOL's CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a well-established teacher qualification that is recognized worldwide. Only CELTA Authorized Centers may offer this course, ensuring high-quality and excellent standards no matter where you take this course.

$1,895 - $2,495
Course tuition


Other TEFL

(Bolivia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, BEngland, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam)

Bridge partners with a variety of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) providers around the world. Although TEFL courses we represent may vary in content and structure, they all cover the essential topics in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

$1,595 - $1,995
Course tuition