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Teaching English Grammar with the Guided Discovery Approach

Move beyond worksheets in your English language classroom by taking a communicative approach to grammar. Learn how to use a student-centered, Guided Discovery approach that puts new concepts into a relevant context for a more engaging learning experience for your students.

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EFL Teaching Tip: Break Free from Frozen Teaching Techniques

Even experienced teachers can fall into bad habits, using outdated techniques that limit students’ learning experience rather than broadening it. Curriculum expert, Susan Weymouth, shares a time-frozen teaching technique you should avoid and suggests a more vibrant strategy to replace it that your students will love.  Time-Frozen Strategy: Grammar-Translation This method was designed for Latin […]

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Program Spotlight: Specialized Certificate in Teaching English Grammar

For those of us whose first language is English, the rules of grammar are not something we think about; we use them instinctively! However, when teaching English as a foreign language, you’ll be called upon to have knowledge of, answer questions about, and be able to clearly explain the rules of grammar on a daily basis! Grammar Advisor is a course that can help.

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Top 5 Websites for Free TEFL Lesson Plans

When I first started teaching English to kindergarteners in Central America, I spent a lot of time online searching for lesson plans I could use with my class. It was hard to find appropriate, engaging (and free!) lesson plans I could download. To help other teachers, here are my 5 favorite websites for free TEFL lesson plans.

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Donald’s Journey From U.S. Public School Teacher to TEFL in Asia!

Donald is a BridgeTEFL graduate with an interesting story. Already an educator in the Arizona public school system, he earned both the Diploma the Cambridge CELTA certificate with Bridge in 2007/2008.  He went on to teach in English at Bridge English School in southern Taiwan and then at Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology […]

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Tips for your EFL Class: Getting People Talking

 This post was written by Susan Weymouth “So what did you do last weekend? “Do you have any vacation plans?” “How’s your family” Are these the kind of questions you use to get your English students talking? Small talk may be sufficient for a few minutes warm up before class begins, but these kinds of […]

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Supporting New Teachers’ Professional Growth: What Works?

How does a person become a good language teacher? The task is challenging. As teachers of English, we often work in settings – in schools and communities – that are unfamiliar. Like all teachers, we must consider the individual needs, goals, and interests of our students. Unlike some other teachers, we often work with people from traditions of education that differ from our previous experience.

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Make Sure Your Students Know They Are Improving Their Language Skills!

Are your students progressing? Of course, make sure they know it! After months of teaching a course, it happens…that bittersweet feedback from the student that says the teacher is excellent but the language improvement is poor… The worst feeling is getting feedback from students that say they don´t feel they have made any progress. How […]

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Lingo to Help You Land and Keep that TEFL Job

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Are you looking for a new buzzword to impress the directors at your next job interview? We have talked before about how many acronyms there are in teaching English as a foreign language. Here is another one that you may have been reading or hearing about – ESP. […]

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Understanding Fluency: setting up a task

  Tasks are great because once they get rolling the teacher can just sit back and watch. However, there’s a lot that must go into the preparation for the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Let’s first of all consider the problems we are asking the students to solve. My suggestion is to conduct a […]

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