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Teach Abroad Programs: Beyond TEFL Certification!

Supportive TEFL + job placement assistance programs make it easy to begin your teaching adventure abroad.


Teach Abroad Programs Overview

Are you looking for a bundled program that goes beyond TEFL certification and offers personalized job placement assistance, or even a pre-arranged paid teaching placement in your destination country? If so, BridgeTEFL Teach Abroad Programs can help!

Why choose a Teach Abroad Program?
  • Get support every step of the way– from TEFL certification to job placement and in-country assistance.
  • Gain professional teaching experience right after you complete your TEFL course.
  • Choose from Teach Abroad Programs around the world.
  • Programs can include job placement, housing, insurance, visa help and a competitive teaching salary!


This chart gives you an overview of what our Teach Abroad Programs have to offer.

Country Job Placement Assistance Approx. Monthly Salary/ Stipend in USD Program Annual Start Dates Length of Teaching Contract Housing Visa Help Travel Insurance Orientation/
Language Classes
TEFL Course Students Taught Program Fee (including TEFL + job placement assistance)
Chile Post-certification $500- $1,200 depending on position Year-round Typical Contract: 6 months- 1 year Included for first month, then assistance arranging Onsite in Chile Adults $2995

Pre-certification $1,500- $2,000 Year-round 1 year Assistance arranging 120-Hour Online Adults/ Young Learners $0-$497

Pre-certification Approx. $700 (+20,000 baht end-of-contract bonus for 10-month program) May & October Choice of 5 or 10 months Included Online Young Learners $1895-$1995

Pre-certification $700 (+$700 end-of-contract bonus) January & August Approx. 5 months Included Online Adults/ Young Learners $1895 -$1995