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BridgeTEFL Classroom TEFL Course and IDELT Online graduates

BridgeTEFL has a long history of helping teachers find TEFL jobs in countries all around the world. Our graduates have taught in all corners of the globe and we have been beside them every step of the way. After completing a TEFL certification course, whether its one of the classroom courses or the IDELT Online, we provide our students with the following support for the rest of their TEFL careers.

  • Access to the BridgeTEFL Job Board. Graduates of BridgeTEFL’s courses are given access to the BridgeTEFL Job Board, which is a secure site available to Bridge graduates only. The site offers valuable job placement resources, such as current teaching vacancies by country, links to online TEFL job boards, contact information for reputable recruiters, and the names of schools around the world that hire qualified teachers. Other sections of the TEFL Job Board provide tips on writing resumes and cover letters, and preparing for interviews
  • Personalized assistance from a Job Advisor. BridgeTEFL’s Job Advisors are experts in finding jobs teaching English abroad, including the nuances between employers in various countries around the world that can make or break a job search. Their knowledge and experience help Bridge graduates prepare themselves properly and use best practices when applying for jobs, significantly increasing their odds of being offered a position.
  • Extensive network of schools worldwide. Bridge has numerous English schools around the world and we often hire our most promising graduates as TEFL teachers, sometimes immediately after they finish their TEFL certification course! graduates

In addition to advice for finding jobs in the final module of the course, students have access to the Resource Center inside from the day they sign up. This valuable section of the course has helped countless TEFLOnline graduates find work as successful English teachers abroad. It includes:

  • ESL/EFL Glossary of Terms
  • Recommended Books
  • Glossary of English Grammar terms
  • List of Websites for Getting a TEFL Job
  • Resume/CV Advice and Recommendations
  • Support for Common Employment Issues
  • Common Interview Questions