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TEFL in Florence, Italy

Get TEFL certified and live in the “Cradle of the Renaissance!”

TEFL certification in Florence, Italy

About Florence

Florence is known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” and with its historic cathedral (Il Duomo) and museums dedicated to the art of the period, the city leaves little for a TEFL trainee to desire. The Uffizi gallery is one of the most prestigious (and crowded!) art museums in the world. A short walk away is the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge spanning the Arno River with an array of tourist trinkets. Florence also offers world-class shopping and is home to many successful designers, including Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, and Guccio Gucci.

The city also serves as a good starting place to explore the fantastic scenery of the Tuscany region. Tuscany’s vineyards, rolling hills and small countryside towns provide a tranquil change of pace from the city. The region is home to Pisa’s famous leaning tower and to Siena, a quaint and charming medieval city. For a day at the beach between TEFL classes, you can head to the coastal town of Viareggio.

TEFL Jobs in Italy

Enrollment in English language schools is increasing at a dramatic rate among Italians. Many international schools in Italy offer their entire curriculum in English, meaning teaching positions are available in all subject areas for native English speakers. Milan is considered a promising destination for English teachers although small towns in Sicily and Sardinia, in the Dolomites and along the Adriatic all have more than their fair share of private language schools and institutes.

Additional work opportunities in Italy include English summer camps and freelance tutoring although knowledge of Italian is an asset for the latter choice. Non-European Union citizens including Americans, Canadians, and Australians can all be found working in Italy.

Recommended Courses

BridgeTEFL recommends the TEFL course in Florence to anyone interested in teaching in Italy. The course itself is precisely what employers prefer and the TEFL school’s job placement resources for graduates help significantly in the job search.

About the Training Center

  • Great location: Situated in the historic center of Florence in Piazza della Repubblica, just a short walk from Il Duomo.
  • Great facilities: There are several multi-purpose classrooms, offices, a library and a terrace overlooking the historical city center. There are also a number of computers and a satellite television on-site.

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