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TEFL in Arequipa, Peru

Get TEFL certified, get hired, and live in Peru’s El Ciudad Blanco!

TEFL certification in Arequipa, Peru

About Arequipa

Lying in an agricultural valley at the foot of two Andean mountain chains and a dormant volcano soaring to 19,000 feet, Arequipa offers striking natural beauty and a variety of weekend climbing activities. Surfing is an option for intrepid TEFL trainees as well, with the Pacific Ocean just two hours away. With a population of almost one million, the city is the second largest in Peru and the capital of its region, but its local culture gives it the feel of a much smaller community.

White Spanish colonial buildings—built of a shimmering white volcanic rock—give the city its nickname: “el Ciudad Blanco” (the white city). The city center was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful architecture and historic integrity. Soak up the local Andean culture, food, history and natural beauty—all while training to teach English as a foreign language.

TEFL Jobs in Peru

Peru boasts one of the faster growing economies in the world and English teachers are in high demand. A TEFL graduate with a BridgeTEFL certificate can easily find work throughout the country. The cost of living in Peru is very low and an English teacher’s salary can go a long way. If you are interested in teaching in Peru, BridgeTEFL can assist you in your search for TEFL jobs in Arequipa, Cusco, Tacna, Puno or Lima.

Recommended Courses

For those interested in teaching English in Arequipa, Bridge recommends taking the TEFL course there to gain the necessary skills and position themselves to apply for jobs immediately after graduation. Online TEFL certification courses, like the BridgeTEFL IDELT Online, offer flexible schedules for those who would like to qualify for jobs worldwide, including Peru.

About the Training Center

  • Fully equipped: Amenities include 14 classrooms, a computer lab with Wi-Fi, two offices, a teacher lounge and a customer service center. There is also a kitchen and a large patio for students to enjoy their lunch break.
  • Great location: The center is situated in the beautiful city district of Yanahuara, known for its casual pace and bountiful parks.


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