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TEFL in Cusco, Peru

Get TEFL certified and live in Peru’s architectural capital!

TEFL certification in Cusco, Peru

About Cusco

Perched 11,000 feet high in the southwestern Andes, Cusco is known as the archeological capital of the Americas. The city has long made a name for itself as the gateway to nearby Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. Every narrow street and lane of Cusco emanates history as traces of ancient Incan culture and the town’s colonial past provide an intriguing backdrop for the contemporary buildings and modern conveniences of an international tourist destination.

Due to its high elevation, Cusco is chilly at night and sunny but cool during the day all year round. This pleasant weather is a great excuse to walk through the illustrious Plaza de Armas or to seek out the many markets selling the beautiful wool sweaters for which the country is renowned. Whether TEFL training, teaching English classes, investigating the area’s archeological charms, or just hanging out around town, you’ll be sure to soak up plenty of the cultural richness of Cusco.

TEFL Jobs in Peru

Peru’s wealth of both culture and nature promises a spectacular venue for anyone interested in the traditional splendors of Latin America—and the low cost of living helps a TEFL teacher’s salary go a long way. TEFL graduates seeking employment in Peru are most often placed in Cusco, where our TEFL program is located, or in Lima, the national capital.

TEFL positions are readily available throughout Cusco, including at the BridgeTEFL partner English language school in the center of town. Students at the school are generally adults learning English for their jobs, as well as for personal improvement. This makes for very motivated students who are rewarding to teach.

Located on the Pacific Coast, Lima is home to nearly one third of the country’s population and offers TEFL grads plenty of teaching positions. Most TEFL jobs in the capital city involve working primarily with business professionals or university students at private language schools. An added benefit? Lima is one of the few locations in South America that consistently offers full-time teaching schedules.

Recommended Courses

Bridge highly recommends the TEFL course in Cusco to anyone interested in getting their first English teaching job in Peru, particularly if they want to qualify for jobs worldwide after completion. For those who are unable to commit to the full-time schedule for 4 weeks, we recommend the IDELT Online, our online TEFL course which is widely-accepted by employers throughout Peru.

About the Training Center

  • Fully equipped: Amenities include several classrooms for group and private classes, a library and laptop computers with fast Internet access.
  • Great location: Located in a modern building in the center of town, the school has common areas where students can socialize and grab coffee.


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