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Teach English in South Korea

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About South Korea

Since its separation from the North in 1953, South Korea has achieved significant economic growth and become a major player in international business and technology. With its alluring mix of high-speed modernity and proud tradition, South Korea continues to draw large numbers of qualified TEFL teachers year after year. Moreover, thanks to South Korea’s higher than average teaching salaries and tempting benefits packages, it is one of the few countries where new teachers have the opportunity to save money or pay off debt, which helps to make South Korea one of the most popular TEFL destinations in the world.

TEFL Jobs in South Korea

Employment opportunities are plentiful throughout South Korea. Though many teachers set their sights on Seoul, it is sometimes easier to find work in other parts of the country, where positions also abound and competition is less intense. Most TEFL teachers find work by signing up with recruiters, which are companies paid by schools to find qualified candidates for their open teaching positions. Working with a recruiter can make the job search easier, especially for new teachers, and going this route provides an extra level of support when questions or concerns arise. Keep in mind, though, teaching positions can also be secured by applying directly to schools that advertise for teachers on TEFL job boards.

Recommended Course

Bridge recommends the IDELT Online for those who want to teach English in South Korea. Many employers require a 100-hour TEFL certificate, and even those that don’t will frequently offer higher pay to teachers who have them. Employers in South Korea particularly value training or experience specific to teaching English to children, so adding on Bridge’s Specialized Certificate in Teaching Young Learners is a great way to boost your resume.