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About Japan

Unique and powerful Japan has attracted visitors for decades, though becoming a part of the geographically and culturally isolated island nation has historically been challenging. Teaching English, however, provides foreigners with such an opportunity. From within, it is easy to observe that the Japanese are proud, hard working and industrious, pushing Japan out of the wake of World War II to become an international leader in technology and production. Modern Japan offers unique pop culture, sensational nightlife, and a prominent fashion scene. Visitors to the country are left in awe of its seamless blend of pride and humility, tradition and innovation, curiosity and reservation.

TEFL Jobs in Japan

Opportunities to teach English can be found throughout the country, and the demand for qualified teachers never seems satisfied. Most teachers work either in private language schools or as assistants to Japanese English teachers in public schools, such as through the popular government-sponsored JET Program. While many teachers are drawn to the non-stop sights and sounds of Tokyo and other big cities, others choose the charm of a quieter life at a rural school. Either way, employers sometimes provide housing, and wages can be more than enough to live on, particularly in placements outside the city. This high standard of living provides teachers with the opportunity to travel, enjoy Japan, and even save some money over the length of their contract.

Recommended Courses

Bridge recommends the IDELT Online distance learning TEFL course for those who want to teach English in Japan, as most employers there require a 100-hour certificate in teaching English as a foreign language. Employers value training or experience specific to teaching English to children, so adding on Bridge’s Specialized Certificate in Teaching Young Learners is a great way to boost your resume.