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Specialized TEFL Certificates

Boost your resume with these 40-hour TEFL courses!

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Specialized Certificates Overview

BridgeTEFL offers a variety of Specialized TEFL Certificates to help you become an expert in a specific arena of the TEFL field and to boost your resume for the job search. Whether you need to teach English to children, design a vocational course for hotel workers, freelance online, or teach a business class, our Specialized TEFL Certificates provide all the information you’ll need, condensed into a convenient, online format.

Using a Moodle-based platform, these content-rich e-learning courses give you an in-depth view of the area of specialization using videos, the latest readings, and links to outside resources—all with a personalized tutor guiding you along the way. Upon successful completion of the course, BridgeTEFL will issue a 40-hour Specialized Certificate to include in your portfolio.

Combined with the IDELT Online, these courses provide formidable certification that will truly help your resume stand out and help you secure work as an English teacher abroad, though they are also available as stand-alone programs.

Read about each Specialized Certificate by clicking the links below.

Teaching English Online
Teaching Business English
Teaching English to Young Learners
Designing Custom Courses
Teaching English Grammar
Guided Teaching Practicum