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BridgeTEFL Trainers

Experts in teaching English as a foreign language

BridgeTEFL trainers are professionals in the field who are experienced in teaching English and dedicated to training English teachers. All of our teacher trainers have either an M.A. or certification in TEFL and extensive practical teaching experience in a variety of contexts. Most importantly, BridgeTEFL trainers are passionate about what they do and consistently strive to serve the diverse needs of their EFL students and TEFL trainees.

CELTA Tutor/TEFL TrainerDenise Kray


Denise earned a Bachelors of Elementary Education in 1995 from the University of Alberta, Canada, and also holds a Cambridge Delta Module Two (Developing professional practice). After university, she spent a year in Japan where she taught English to students of all levels. Upon returning to the U.S., Denise got her Colorado teacher credential, and in 1997 came to Bridge Education Group, Inc. where she has taught ESL classes, including test preparation, grammar, reading, listening, and speaking. Since 2003, Denise has been a teacher trainer for the BridgeTEFL programs – as the Head IDELT™ Trainer for BridgeTEFL in Denver and a tutor for the Cambridge CELTA. She has also assisted in curriculum development for both ESL classes and BridgeTEFL.

CELTA Tutor/TEFL TrainerDavid Patten


A native of London, England, David has been a teacher and trainer in the field of ELT since the 1980s. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, including university programs, private language schools, and public school districts. He has worked in Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. He has trained teachers in Brazil through the British Council, and is also an approved trainer for the School for International Training. He holds the three main credentials in the field: CELTA, DELTA, and an MA Applied Linguistics.