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Teach English in Argentina

About Buenos Aires

The capital of the largest Spanish-speaking country on the continent, Buenos Aires is a bustling city of over 9 million people. Its French-style architecture, Italian heritage, and general cultural sophistication give it a distinctly elegant feel, earning it the nickname “The Paris of South America.” Add to that a vibrant populace, a nightlife that never stops, and shopping and dining galore, and it’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable city than Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires continues to be one of our most popular TEFL course locations–and there’s no lack of reasons why. The city is renowned internationally for world-class soccer teams, thriving tango culture, scrumptious cuisine (especially beef), and, more recently, for amazingly affordable prices. It would take you a lifetime to experience the sights and sounds the city has to offer. But after getting certified to teach English in Argentina, you may just want to stick around and give it a try!

TEFL Jobs in Buenos Aires

Argentina benefits from a highly literate populace which places a premium on education–including English language instruction. Once among the wealthiest countries in South America, Argentina has had its fair share of economic woes in recent years. The good news is that since 2002 the economy has grown, poverty has declined, and there has been a strong rebound of the middle class. As the nation forges ahead, more and more people are realizing the importance of–and are able to afford–English language classes.

Almost half of Argentina’s population lives in the province of Buenos Aires, and many of the nation’s English teaching jobs can be found there. As a TEFL teacher in Buenos Aires, you will likely find the most work teaching English to professionals and business executives. However, you may also have the opportunity to tutor students studying for exams, families preparing for a trip abroad, or others looking to improve their English skills.

Recommended Courses

Since employers in Argentina prefer teachers who received teaching practice and feedback from an experienced trainer as part of their TEFL certification course, Bridge recommends the IDELT in Buenos Aires. This 4-week TEFL certification program prepares students for future English teaching jobs around the world.

Those that need a more flexible option should take the IDELT Online, an e-learning version of the classroom IDELT that provides similar preparation for teaching English in Argentina.

About the Training Center

  • Great teachers: The head IDELT trainer in Argentina has a Masters degree, over 20 years of teaching experience, and speaks at TEFL conventions.
  • Central location: The TEFL school is located in the heart of the Centro neighborhood of downtown Buenos Aires, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • Great facilities: Our spacious TEFL training center in Buenos Aires offers first-class facilities in a historic part of town.

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