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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your questions about online TEFL courses.

TEFL certification student working online

What does the price include? Are there textbooks I would need to purchase?

The IDELT Online does require a textbook, The Practice of English Language Teaching (4th Ed. with DVD) by J. Harmer. This is not included in the cost of the course and needs to be purchased before the start of the class. The Specialized Certificates, on the other hand, do not require a textbook.

Besides books, the cost of the IDELT Online and Specialized Certificate courses are comprehensive and nothing else needs to be purchased to complete them.

TEFLOnline courses are entirely online  – there are no textbooks to purchase.

Are the courses self-paced or are there particular times I would need to be online?

The IDELT Online and the Specialized Certificates are part-time, and there is never a specific time or day that students need to be online. Though the IDELT Online does offer live sessions, participation is not required. The IDELT Online does have weekly assignments that need to be turned in on-time but students are able to work on them on their own schedule and can access the course to complete their homework electronically any time they like.

TEFLOnline courses are entirely self-paced. There is only one deadline: The entire course must be completed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

How many hours of homework will I have each week?

Students in the IDELT Online are estimated to have 8-15 hours of coursework each week.

The Specialized Certificates are self-paced so students may work on them whenever they like for as long as they like.

Because the TEFLOnline courses are self-paced, you may work on them whenever and for as long as you like.

What if I need to miss a few days or a week in the middle of the course?

Typically, throughout the IDELT Online, assignments are due once or twice a week. Should you need to take some time off, you could coordinate with the teacher to turn in your assignments for the week you would be missing early. It’s one of the benefits of taking a course with a live trainer; you can contact them with questions and concerns at any time, and they’ll work with you to find solutions!

The Specialized Certificates are self-paced over 3 months so students can take off as much time as they like as long as they complete all of the necessary coursework before their course expires.

TEFLOnline courses remember student progress, so students can take as much time off in the middle of the course as they like. They simply must complete the course within 3 months of the date of purchase.

How do I get the college credits for the IDELT Online?

After completing and passing the IDELT Online, students may be eligible to apply for credit through Bridge’s partnership with the University of Northern Colorado. As UNC is an accredited US university, these credits transfer to most other universities in the USA but it always recommend that students check with their school advisors, deans, or registrars for official confirmation on the option of receiving transfer credit. (Transcript fees to UNC will apply.)

At this time, the Specialized Certificates are not eligible for college credit.

Will the IDELT Online certificate have the UNC logo on it, or otherwise mention the possibility for credit through UNC?

The University of Northern Colorado provides college credit for the course but the certificate itself will come from Bridge. As such, it will not carry the UNC logo or mention the university. However, students who pass the course may be eligible to get college credit from UNC for the course and could get a transcript from the university that would bear their logo.

What sort of job placement assistance will I get after completing one of the online courses?

BridgeTEFL provides all IDELT Online graduates with lifetime, worldwide job placement assistance. Graduates get access to our exclusive jobs site with open positions around the world and a Jobs Advisor to give them advice and support in their job search.

You can read more about the job placement assistance that Bridge provides to IDELT Online graduates here.

TEFLOnline graduates have access to the Resource Center inside their course. Here, they can find lists of schools, employers, recruiters, and websites for finding jobs abroad, as well as advice and resources for writing resumes, CVs, applying for jobs, and more.

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