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Cambridge CELTA and Bridge IDELT in Denver, Colorado

Get your TEFL certification in the Mile High City!

TEFL certification center in Denver, Colorado, USA

About Denver

At an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver, Colorado is one of the healthiest and happiest cities in the United States. The city basks in over 300 days of sunshine a year, features a vibrant cultural scene and a friendly population, and is famous for its remarkable landscapes. Nearby Pikes Peak was even the inspiration for the song “America the Beautiful”.

Denver offers TEFL students a wealth of opportunities to enjoy themselves on their free weekends. The Denver Zoo, Museums of Natural History and Modern Art, and the Denver Center for Performing Arts are all conveniently close by, and the city’s public transportation system makes it easy to get to them. Fantastic shopping can be found in the nearby Cherry Creek Mall and in downtown Denver along 16th St. Trips into the Rocky Mountains offer Colorado’s famous ski slopes and hiking trails. With one of the most active populations in the United States, it’s clear there’s always something to do in Denver!

TEFL Jobs in the United States

While teaching jobs in the American public school system typically require college degrees in Education, a TEFL certification and degree in any subject are usually all that is necessary to find work with private language centers. Entrepreneurial graduates can often advertise their skills locally and find private students, or open their own English schools in their communities. Some graduates even go on to teach in Denver for BridgeEnglish.

Many TEFL students in Denver are looking to get certified in the U.S. but then focus their job search on countries abroad. Opportunities to teach English as a foreign language abound in every region of the world and Bridge’s lifetime, worldwide job placement assistance gives our graduates the resources they need to find work wherever they dream of teaching.

Recommended Courses

Bridge recommends taking the CELTA or the IDELT at our headquarters in Denver to those who are interested in teaching English in the United States, or those for whom a domestic course is preferred over an international location. Following the course, graduates receive job placement assistance from our expert Job Advisors for anywhere in the world they would like teach abroad.

For students who need a more flexible schedule, Bridge recommends the IDELT Online, our e-learning TEFL course. Opportunities for teachers with online certifications in the United States might be as volunteers at churches or community centers, or as private English language tutors, and students with some teaching experience may only require an online certification like the IDELT Online to find work in private language schools.

How to do the
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About the Training Center

  • Great Facilities: The school in Denver offers a teacher’s lounge, a student center, administrative offices, and a large computer lab with internet connection and WIFi.
  • Central Location: The center is located in downtown Denver and is close to lodging, dining, and many other amenities.
  • Friendly Staff: The welcoming staff and teachers are always available to address concerns and are dedicated to helping all TEFL students reach their goals.

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