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Cambridge CELTA
in Bogotá, Colombia

Get CELTA certified and live in the heart of Colombia’s capital city!

CELTA course in Colombia

About Bogotá

Bogotá—the cultural and business heart of Colombia, as well as the nation’s capital—sits “2600 meters (8530 feet) closer to the stars,” according to the city’s motto. Home to almost 8 million inhabitants, high altitude Bogotá exhibits both sleek high rises and quaint Spanish colonial plazas. The city is a fascinating mixture of old and new. CELTA students will find everything from traditional Colombian dishes, to sushi, to fast food, as well as upscale shopping centers and traditional markets.

CELTA trainees can visit the Gold Museum to see a unique collection of pre-Colombian art, or ride a funicular (tramway) up Cerro Monserrate and take in beautiful, panoramic views of the city. Bogotá also has South America’s largest network of bike paths and on Sundays and holidays, many roads in the city are closed for biking, running and inline skating.

TEFL Jobs in Colombia

Native English speakers in Colombia are scarce, meaning CELTA graduates are in high demand. English language instruction jobs are especially plentiful in Colombia’s major cities, such as Bogotá, Medellin, and Cali, where language institutes and universities seek native speakers and pay reasonable salaries. English language teachers can also find work in private, bilingual high schools throughout the country. In addition, the cost of living in Colombia is relatively low, so English teachers can enjoy a modest lifestyle while savoring life in this beautiful country.

Recommended Courses

To easily and conveniently get certified and find work in Bogota, Bridge recommends taking the CELTA course there to gain relevant teaching practice and the opportunity to apply and interview for jobs in-person. Another great option is the IDELT Online, our intensive e-learning course offered part-time online.

About the Training Center

  • Great location: The school is located in the heart of Bogotá’s historic center, La Candelaria. The building is famous for dressing five of the country’s former Presidents as they prepared for official functions. The historical Plaza de Bolivar is nearby, as are several ornate government palaces.
  • Great facilities: The building houses 12 spacious classrooms and a study lounge complete with computers for students to use.
  • Community building: The school also offers language classes for the local community, allowing trainees to interact with Colombian students.


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