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Finding the right class for you
Monday March 14, 2011

What To Look For in Your TEFL Online Certification

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel Online certification is a great way to obtain your TEFL certification in your own time and at your own pace.  TEFLOnline certifications are widespread, as they cater to those with tighter budgets or little time off from work, but not all online certifications are equal, nor will they […]

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Native language in the classroom?
Wednesday March 9, 2011

Allowing the Native Language Redux in the ESL Classroom

Let’s revisit the topic of native language use in the classroom.

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Sourcing your information
Monday March 7, 2011

Plagiarism in the EFL Classroom – Right, Wrong or Cultural?

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel Most English-speaking countries put great emphasis on using your own thoughts and ideas and citing the source of those that are not your own.  This does not just stem from laws regarding copyright and intellectual properties.  This comes from centuries of personal genius, hard work, research and a […]

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A student drinking yerba mate
Friday March 4, 2011

Program Spotlight: How English Opens Doors Changed My Life (and will change yours too!)

English Opens Doors (EOD) is a unique program sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Program that places native English speakers in schools across Chile. Participants live with a local family, receive a monthly stipend, and team teach classes with a Chilean English teacher. Bridge is currently looking to fill positions for a 7-month EOD placement starting in May. For details on May availability and how to apply visit BridgeTEFL. Or, apply directly with the EOD online application. Below, Bridge staffer and former EOD volunteer Sarah Athanas reflects on her experience.

Unemployed and living at home, I announced to my parents that I was going to teach English in Chile for a year. My Dad, always the skeptic, wanted to know: “What exactly will you get out of doing such a crazy thing?” Well Dad, four years after my stint with EOD, I’d say the tally looks pretty darn good. Here’s what English Opens Doors did for me and can do for you:

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Mixing it up in the classroom
Wednesday March 2, 2011

Handling Mixed-Proficiency EFL Classrooms

What should you do if you have learners of various proficiencies in the classroom?

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Friday February 25, 2011

The Hot Zones – Top 5 English Teaching Destinations

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel There are plentiful EFL positions open across the globe but there are some that are more popular than others.  These locations can sometimes be competitive, and sometimes a breeze to get into.  Here are the deets on the top five English teaching destinations! South Korea Whether you are aiming to […]

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Bridge Chile TEFL course
Thursday February 17, 2011

The Downside to Teaching EFL Using the Translation Method

This post was written by Laura Greenwood – Guest post by: Marisa Brooks There are two schools of thought about teaching EFL using translation. The direct translation/grammar translation method was used extensively for reading and interpreting texts, usually in the field of academia. In fact my husband used this method when he wrote his thesis on […]

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Monday February 14, 2011

The Truth About Cats and Dogs – Taking Your Pet Overseas

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel If you’re attached to your loving fuzz ball as much as most of us are, you will probably have a hard time parting with them when heading abroad.  Fear not!  If you do you research on where you are heading and plan in advance, you can likely take your […]

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Get your shots
Monday February 7, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Bugly – Staying Healthy While Abroad

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel Modern, first-world countries have made a hefty effort in the past century to thwart some of nature’s most evil of villains.  We get our required booster shots and immunizations as children, making us as safe as can be from a variety of microscopic menaces.  The worst we deal […]

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Frustrated students
Friday February 4, 2011

I Give Up! – Techniques to Keep These Words out of Your ESL Students’Mouths

I give up! Learning a second language is a waste of time! Have you felt this way? Then you are certainly part of the 95% of the students who attended a traditional second language program. According to evidence collected by James Asher[1], who developed a methodology called Total Physical Response, only 5% of the students […]

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