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Teaching Tenses
Thursday April 7, 2011

Trouble with Tenses: Teaching EFL Students Simple Past and Past Progressive with Timelines

Timelines are a tried and true way to help students conceptualize tense and aspect. The following is an example of how a timeline can be used to help students talk about the past.

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Tuesday April 5, 2011

EFL Lesson Planning – PPP: Peter Piper Picked a Whatawhata?

This post was written by Rachel Spillane Actually, in TEFL-speak, PPP is a term referred to in lesson planning and it stands for- Presentation, Practice and Production. This format is commonly used in the communicative approach to teaching EFL and traditionally, PPP is kept in sequential order. Presentation is the time to present the new […]

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Tuesday March 29, 2011

Notes from the Field: Meet Graduate Jennifer Hamblen

Did you ever wonder if you can actually land a teaching job with an online TEFL certification? We decided to ask Jennifer Hamblen, who recently completed the 120-Hour TEFL Online Master Diploma course, one of the most popular online certification programs offered by BridgeTEFL. She is currently teaching in St. Petersburg, Russia.

What drew you to teaching English? Had you taught before taking the TEFL Online course? What is your original background in?

Two months before I was planning to move to Russia, it dawned on me that I had no “universally transferable” skills…

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Full Fornt Moneda, Chile
Monday March 28, 2011

PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: The Truth About Teaching English in Chile

So, you want to teach English abroad? You’ve read all the TEFL books and brochures, scoured the internet for hours researching locations and programs, but you still have doubts, right? We asked two English teachers to share their experiences of teaching and living in Chile. Jacqueline Sedore, a 25 year-old Canadian and Katie David, a 23 year-old from the USA, were nice enough to dish out their secrets.

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Making art in Chile
Sunday March 27, 2011

Making Art and Making Language: Tasks for Varied Learning Styles

Not all students learn in the same ways. Each person brings his own experiences, preferences, and learning style to the classroom.

Click on the video below to watch a task-based learning activity and read the blog post that follows.

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Current Events
Friday March 25, 2011

Trouble with Tenses: Teaching Present Progressive with Current Events

The progressive aspect is not one that is common in all languages. If your students are not familiar with this concept in their native language, it may take some practice before they can grasp it.

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Getting a degree in the Bridge Argentina office!
Wednesday March 23, 2011

De-gree or Not De-gree? That is the TEFL Question

This post was written by Rachel Spillane Do I need a degree to get a job teaching English? The short answer is no! Long answer – maybe… I hear this question from prospective TEFL teachers at least once a day and there is no definitive answer. While I’d love to be inspirational and say “Bill […]

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Kids Class
Monday March 21, 2011

Just Do It – Teaching English to Younger Children

This post was written by Kaye McDaniel When teaching English to younger children, your lesson planning and teaching methods should be constructed well enough to maintain their attention and make learning fun!  Younger children have different abilities and skills that can be utilized to make their English learning more efficient and your job a lot easier.  Children tend […]

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Be a detective and use past tense for answering questions!
Friday March 18, 2011

Trouble with Tenses: Teaching The Past to Your EFL Students

As much as some of us try to forget our past, as English teachers we are confronted with it regularly. Here is a suggestion to keep it interesting.

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First day of teaching
Tuesday March 15, 2011

Getting Rid of the Jitters: An EFL Teacher’s Guide to Success on the First Day

I can still remember the first day that I was introduced to my new English class, a group of 15 or so high-school students in a small town in France. I walked into the room, took one look at their curious faces, opened my mouth and nothing came out. I was stuck somewhere between not […]

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