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Teacher and Students
Monday October 3, 2011

How to Get Hired to Teach English Abroad: 5 Quick Tips

Job searching can be an overwhelming task, especially in a foreign country. Those of you who have are currently taking or have just finished your TEFL certification course may wonder: How is job searching different abroad? What are TEFL schools looking for in prospective teachers? What can I do to set myself apart from the competition?

Well get ready, because I’ve got 5 quick tips to help you get your dream job abroad:

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Chilean flag
Wednesday September 28, 2011

Confused About Our “Teach in Chile” Options? Read on!

As a BridgeTEFL Program Advisor, I’m the first point of contact for people considering teaching abroad.  And because Bridge has a language school in Chile (we also have them in Brazil and Argentina), we have more than a few options, which can be, frankly speaking, a little confusing. I would like to shed some light […]

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CELTA instructor and class
Friday September 23, 2011

Why Certify? TEFL Certification and the Lives of Trainees

This post was written by Susan Weymouth This month I had the demanding experience of teaching in both an on-site TEFL certification training course with Denver’s CELTA program and in an online TEFL certificate program, Bridge’s BCELT. In both cases, I met remarkable groups of people looking for change in their lives. Their training was […]

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IDELT Graduates
Tuesday September 20, 2011

Part Four: Surviving the IDELT™ Course – Tips from IDELT™ Graduates!

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Tips from IDELT™ Graduates So far, the Denver IDELT™ trainers have given you ‘tips’ on choosing, planning for and getting the most from the IDELT™ course. As promised, I asked several recent graduates to also weigh in on the topic. More specifically, I asked them to write the […]

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Saturday September 17, 2011

Teach English Overseas & Blending In: Tips to Take You Beyond Tourist

We’ve all seen him. He’s wandering the narrow streets of Prague, for example, sporting jeans and a college t-shirt. He’s struggling under the weight of an impossibly large backpack and looking lost—despite an open Lonely Planet in hand. With one glance you know he’s tourist, not a traveler. And by sticking out rather than blending […]

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Thursday September 15, 2011

Testing in TESOL Part 1: A Taxonomy of Tests

Testing in TESOL Part 1: This post is the first part of a five part series on testing in the field of TESOL. There is too much information about TESOL testing for one blog post, and I have never been one to cram. In the first two parts, I want to focus on the types […]

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Korean BBQ
Friday September 2, 2011

Notes From The Field: Codi Thompson in South Korea

One of the strongest TEFL job markets is South Korea, and the overwhelming majority of TEFL jobs there are with kids, ages K-12. Codi Thompson, a BridgeTEFL CELTA course graduate was willing to share her experiences as a kindergarten teacher in Seoul, South Korea.

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Teach English in Valparaiso Chile
Friday September 2, 2011

FEATURED PROGRAM: Teach in Chile with English Opens Doors

Do something special! Teach in Chile with English Opens Doors. We are now accepting English teacher applications for the 2012 school year in Chile. This year we have been asked to recruit an unprecedented amount of English teachers for the Chilean Ministry of Education’s English Opens Doors Program. While in the past Bridge has traditionally recruited only for the Patagonia Region of Chile, this year we are also opening up our teacher placements to all regions of Chile, from the northern desert to the southern ice fields.

Visit our English Opens Doors website for more information, or apply online today. You can also read a press release about Bridge’s 2012 teacher recruitment for English Opens Doors.


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Thursday August 25, 2011

5 Great ESL Games for Teaching English to Young Learners

Let’s face it, learning English as a second language is most likely not going to make a young learner’s list of top three favorite activities. However, there are several things you can incorporate into your lesson plans that will keep your students interested and engaged. Here are five great ESL games to keep your young learners excited about learning English as a second language.

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Wednesday August 24, 2011

Why to Activate your ESL Students’ Background Schema

This post was written by Laura Greenwood Why should you activate your ESL students’ background schema when teaching English as a foreign language? When doing receptive skills work (listenings and readings) with your students, it is important to take time at the very beginning of the lesson to activate your students’ experiences with and knowledge […]

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