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Monday October 31, 2011

Which Online TEFL Certification is for You? Distance-Learning vs. Self-Study

You want to teach English abroad. You don’t have a TEFL certification. You can’t attend a face-to-face, traditional TEFL course like the CELTA or IDELT. What do you do?

The answer is easy – you get TEFL certified online, of course. Well, that’s the easy part. Now you have to figure out which online TEFL course is best for you. There are two main types of online TEFL courses available: distance-learning courses and self-study courses. Following are some general characteristics of both types of courses, as well as some tips on how to choose which type is a good fit for your needs.

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Buddha's Birthday
Monday October 31, 2011

Teach English Overseas: A Glimpse from a BridgeTEFL Graduate

This post was written by Denise Kray Many trainees have taken and graduated from one of BridgeTEFL’s English teacher training courses. We’ve had the opportunity to meet, train and place some pretty amazing individuals! We thought you, faithful readers, might be interested in learning more about who they are, where they’ve been and what they […]

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Friday October 28, 2011

A Little Chile Can Go A Long Way – Guest Blog from EOD Teacher, Kaity Nicastri

English Opens Doors, and Chile Opens Minds. That should be the slogan for the program through Chile’s Ministry of Education. I arrived June 11, 2009 with no idea how Chile would look, smell, feel, taste, or sound. I was placed in Cauquenes, a small town in Maule, and absorbed the realities of Chile. Look: the […]

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Wednesday October 26, 2011

Getting TEFL Certified Online: Interview with a BCELT Student

We recently interviewed a BCELT (Bridge Certificate in English Language Teaching) student, Linda Sauke, to get her perspective on the course and teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Name: Linda Sauke

Title: Director of Resource Development/Instructional Design Specialist

Current Teaching Position and Location: I live in Seattle. I am certified to teach K-12, but most my teaching is with adults. I have just returned from Europe, where I had many unusual opportunities to assist as an ESL/EFL consultant–at a university, at a teacher training college, at two private elementary schools, and with other individuals who teach English.

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Bridge graduates
Thursday October 20, 2011

Teaching English Abroad: Top 5 Insider Tips for New Teachers!

Congratulations! You’ve earned your TEFL certificate and landed your very first job teaching English abroad. Sure, you feel prepared—your TEFL course has covered the ins and outs of English teaching and you’ve been reading up on your destination—but are you really ready to face your first class? I thought I was ready for teaching English […]

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Lisa Rooney at the office
Tuesday October 18, 2011

What TEFL courses did WE take?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what type of TEFL courses the employees at Bridge took and what they thought of them? Now is your chance to find out! I wrote a quick “MadLibs” style interview to a few of my TEFL-certified colleagues and asked them to fill in the blanks. Here are the results! […]

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Wednesday October 12, 2011

Testing in TESOL Part 2: A Taxonomy of Tests Continued

The second part of the Testing in TESOL Series aims to highlight a few approaches to designing TESOL tests that teachers should consider for their learners. Formative & Summative Tests We will begin with a broad category, and one that you’ve used before but probably didn’t know the lingo. As you might guess, formative tests […]

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Teacher and student
Friday October 7, 2011

PHOTO CONTEST: Give Thanks for TEFL! (And win $100 at Amazon!)

Are you thankful for TEFL? Tell us why! Submit a photo of yourself living the TEFL life and featuring the text “I’m thankful for TEFL because….”  Check out the example photo here for inspiration, but we think you can be even more creative and innovative in your submissions. Chances are, if you live the TEFL life you are the kind of person who thinks out of the box, right?Ready to enter? Here’s what to do:

  1. Get all dolled up and take your amazing “I’m thankful for TEFL” photo.
  2. Submit your winning photo to the TEFL Insider Blog by Thursday, November 24.
  3. Encourage all of your friends and family to vote for your photo! (Facebook status updates and old fashioned emails with a link are both very effective for doing this.) The winner will be determined by most votes.
  4. Wait for us to announce the winner on Monday, November 28. The prize? A $100 gift certificate to, just in time for holiday shopping!

Good luck! And don’t forget to be thankful this month. 🙂 

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At a job interview
Monday October 3, 2011

How to Impress Employers and Get a TEFL Job: Interview with Virginia Ines Fernandez

We’ve all been a little (or a lot!) apprehensive when applying for a job we really want. How to calm those nerves? Know what your potential employer is looking for! Here’s the lowdown on what many TEFL recruiters look for, direct from someone who hires a number of teachers each year. Virginia Ines Fernandez, the Staff & Program Coordinator for Brooklyn Bridge, a prominent English school in the heart of Buenos Aires, gives us some exclusive insight.

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Teaching in Hungary
Monday October 3, 2011

Notes from the Field: Teaching English in Hungary

Last month we published a feature on South Korea, one of the hottest TEFL markets in the world. This month, we chose a destination slightly off the beaten path—Budapest, Hungary. While not as many people teach English in Hungary each year compared to South Korea, it is an emerging destination that has a lot to offer. We hope you enjoy our latest “Notes from the Field” interview with Lauren Ruttle (incidentally now working for Bridge in Qatar).

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