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Thursday December 1, 2011

What Every EFL Teacher Should Know: Teaching English for Exams- Part 1

I don’t like tests.  In elementary we took the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the only positive that came out of that experience was Mrs. Hughes’ freshly baked chocolate chip “pity” cookies. If you’re like me, you don’t like tests either.  The good news for you is that as an English teacher, you have escaped standardized tests.  The bad news is that your students, especially those at the university level or already in the workforce, have not, and they’ve likely come to you for help in their preparation for business exams in English.

In part one of this two part series, we will take a brief look at four exams for business students that you should familiarize yourself with.  Part two of the series (check our January newsletter) will discuss tips and strategies you can implement in your classroom when preparing students for such exams.

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Puerto Varas, Chile
Wednesday November 30, 2011

Like a Little Variety? Teach in Chile!

As a teaching destination, Chile has something for everyone, including beautiful beaches, sensational skiing, world-famous wines, fantastic food, and of course, the charming Chilean people!  Santiago itself boasts a vibrant community of art, history, and theater, making it the ideal place in Chile to call home.

The Teach in Chile internship is a fantastic way to get TEFL certified with the Bridge IDELT, widely-considered one of the very best TEFL certificates you can have, and move immediately into a teaching position with our school in Santiago, providing you with the meaningful experience that will make finding future teaching jobs simple. There’s no easier way to get your TEFL career started!

If you are interested in learning more about the internship, visit our website here. Ready to go? Apply here!

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Wednesday November 30, 2011

Take on the challenge of teaching English in Western Europe!

The idea of living and working in Western Europe is attractive to a lot of English teachers. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with such enormous quantities of amazing food, delicious wine, history, art, and culture? Unfortunately, non-EU citizens often have difficulty finding TEFL work there because it is expensive and time-consuming for employers to […]

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Calling abroad
Friday November 25, 2011

Coming Home: Making a Living with your TEFL Certificate

All good things must come to an end… or so they say. Does that include your TEFL career? After you finish circling the globe—having taught tenses in Turkey and pronunciation in Patagonia—are you destined to come home, TEFL certificate in-hand and call it quits? And if so, then what? After spending four years teaching abroad […]

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Bridge English building
Wednesday November 16, 2011

Teach English Overseas: A Glimpse from the Life of a BridgeTEFL Graduate #2

This post was written by Denise Kray For those of you following our ‘Notes from the Field Blog Series,’ here’s another glimpse into the life of teaching abroad for those who want to teach English overseas. Our second Bridge TEFL graduate is Aimee Bushong. She took our Bridge IDELT™ – Blended teacher training course in […]

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EFL classroom
Monday November 14, 2011

Why Build a Multicultural Perspective in the TEFL Classroom?

This post was written by Laura Greenwood While many TEFL graduates will be teaching monolingual and mono-national EFL classes, it is still important to build cultural competency among your learners. In addition to TEFL, you are helping your adult students meet the demands of a globalized workforce and helping prepare children to become citizens of […]

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Testing the students
Friday November 11, 2011

Testing in TESOL Part 3: Authentic Assessment

The first two parts of this series covered a variety of testing types, but I wanted to give this one its own post: authentic assessment. Why do I feel authentic assessment is so important? Perhaps, as I’m sure many other teachers would agree, the word assessment has a pleasant ring to it — even if we can’t […]

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Answer sheet
Thursday November 10, 2011

Testing in TESOL Part 4: Assessing your Assessment

TESOL test design and administration is no easy task. Ask anyone who has tried. Tests take practice writing and require constant revision. This part of our series on testing in TESOL focuses on some issues to be aware of when assessing your assessment. Bias Bias can be seen in a variety of ways in testing. […]

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Monday November 7, 2011

PHOTO CONTEST: Give Thanks for TEFL! (And win $100 at Amazon!)

Are you thankful for TEFL? Tell us why! Submit a photo of yourself living the TEFL life and featuring the text “I’m thankful for TEFL because….”  Check out the example photo here for inspiration, but we think you can be even more creative and innovative in your submissions. Chances are, if you live the TEFL life you are the kind of person who thinks out of the box, right?

Ready to enter? Here’s what to do:

  1. Get all dolled up and take your amazing “I’m thankful for TEFL” photo.
  2. Submit your winning photo to the TEFL Insider Blog by Thursday, November 24.
  3. Encourage all of your friends and family to vote for your photo! (Facebook status updates and old fashioned emails with a link are both very effective for doing this.) The winner will be determined by most votes.
  4. Wait for us to announce the winner on Monday, November 28. The prize? A $100 gift certificate to, just in time for holiday shopping!

Good luck! And don’t forget to be thankful this month. 🙂

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Tuesday November 1, 2011

What Can an Online TEFL Certification Do For You?

Scott Millner spent a large part of 2011 participating in the English Opens Doors Program (Los Rios Region, Chile), and now has his sights set on teaching English in South Korea. Included in the English Opens Doors Program is Bridge’s 120-hour Master Diploma, and we wanted to get the truth about the course. Scott was kind enough to share his impressions.

How long did it really take you to complete the course?

I did the first part (60 hour section) over two months, and it probably took me about 50 hours (not quite 60). I tend to be a fast worker though.

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