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Thursday May 10, 2012

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Students All Your Secrets

I live a very “meta” lifestyle. I teach new language teachers how to teach meta-language. This means having each and every lesson I conduct in our TEFL course placed under my students’ microscopes so they can dissect the guts of my methodology. Rather than cower at the thought of this intense scrutiny, I embrace their […]

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Thursday May 3, 2012

Apply Now: Guaranteed Paid TEFL Job in Chile!

Teach Business English in Santiago, Chile! Get an additional 10% off the 120-hour Master Diploma when hired! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect TEFL job opportunity to come knocking at your door, this is it! There is no cost to apply or participate! Our English school in Chile needs several dozen EFL teachers […]

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TEFL Instructor
Thursday April 26, 2012

Professional Teaching Standards

This post was written by Laura Greenwood Teaching is guiding and facilitating learning, enabling the learner to learn, and setting the conditions for learning; thus teaching is inextricably tied to learning. In order to be an effective and efficient teacher, one must consider the qualities and characteristics that make up a good ESL/EFL teacher. Professional […]

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Teaching Abroad
Thursday April 26, 2012

Notes From the Field: Gordon Brown, New TEFL Teacher

Gordon Brown recently completed the IDELT in Chile and is now working for Bridge Chile as an English teacher. Here is some insight from him on what it is like to be a new TEFL teacher.

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Monday April 23, 2012

Heading Home: 5 Issues You May Face Upon Reentry

So you’re done teaching English overseas (at least for now) and you’re ready to head back to your home base. It should be easy to transition back into your own culture, right? Well, not necessarily. After living abroad for a number of years, or even coming home for summer vacations, I always found that there was […]

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Comic for teaching
Wednesday April 11, 2012

Fun, Free, and Fabulous: Great Site for Generating Language from EFL Students

There are so many great free computer sites today that can be used by EFL teachers working anywhere in the world. I’d like to highlight today just one option, but it has application for hundreds of great activities

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Friday April 6, 2012

Newly TEFL Certified? How to Gain Teaching Experience and Get Jobs Abroad!

When I decided to take the plunge and get certified to teach English abroad, it was all new to me. Sure, I had a degree in English and a pretty good command of grammar, but what did I know about teaching?

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Teaching in Cambodia
Friday April 6, 2012

How to Get a TEFL Job – Part Three: Asia – Find Schools, Apply, and Interview

How to Get a TEFL Job in Asia  – Part 3 – Find schools and apply! So you’ve chosen Asia as your TEFL destination and you’ve gotten the TEFL certification you need to qualify for jobs there. You’re almost done! The next step is to locate English schools and apply. Teaching English in Asia With […]

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Friday April 6, 2012

Understanding Fluency: Speaking Activities Part II

Here’s an activity that doesn’t involve as much repetition as those described in my previous blog about speaking activities in the TEFL classroom, but utilizes a lot more student interaction instead.Start by giving each student a card with a different number on it. If you’ve got ten students, number the cards one through ten. On […]

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Wednesday April 4, 2012

“You’re fascinating to me”: Language Learning through Human Connection

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Language is social. My colleague Joshua Yardley (look for all his great blog posts) recently recommended a brief lecture to me on Ted Talks, called “The Linguistic Genius of Babies” by Patricia Kuhl. Her research quantifies how infants develop their language abilities through hearing and selecting the sounds […]

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