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Wednesday June 27, 2012

Teaching English in Japan: Catching Up with Kaye McDaniel

 This post was written by Matthew Clark Kaye McDaniel was once a BridgeTEFL Bookings Advisor, a TEFLOnline guru, and an avid BridgeTEFL blogger. She worked for Bridge for over a year but left in June, 2011 to teach English in Japan. We recently had the chance to catch up with her to hear about her […]

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Wednesday June 27, 2012

Cultural Greetings in Asia – Can You Say "Xin Chao"?

Many teachers leave the West for English teaching positions in Asia and discover that they’re unprepared for the drastic cultural differences. One of the first many come across is the varying ways of greeting people. Honor and respect play huge roles in these actions, which are comparatively casual in the West, and knowing something about […]

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woman using computer mouse
Monday June 25, 2012

The World at Your Fingertips: Resources for EFL Teachers

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Most EFL teachers know about many good quality websites available on the internet. For example, the granddaddy of them of all, Dave’s ESL Café is still a well-maintained and updated clearinghouse for many types of information for EFL teachers. However, you may not have heard as much about […]

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Thursday June 21, 2012

Inspired by Italy: How Getting Lost in Venice Could Help You Find Yourself

Italy is an incredible country with a long and impressive history, the artifacts of which can be found on nearly every street corner. The museums are practically bursting with paintings and statues made by the some of the most famous artists in the world. The food is legendary, yet it’s even better than you might […]

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Housing in Argentina
Tuesday June 12, 2012

Spotlight on Argentina: Top Five Reasons to Go to Buenos Aires!

I recently had the opportunity to spend a month in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While I wasn’t taking a TEFL course, I was working full-time, took Spanish classes, and lived with a host family, so I feel like I did get a glimpse into the life of an IDELT student. Here are my top 5 favorite things about the city.

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Friday June 8, 2012

Understanding Fluency: Speaking Activities Part III

Part 2 of this series on fluent speaking described a few activities that involved student interaction. The next set of ideas also involve a great deal of interaction, but involve a slightly more authentic task: problem solving. In each of the activities below, the students are first presented with a problem that requires a solution. […]

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Tuesday May 29, 2012

Kicking Butt: Classroom Management Strategies From A BridgeEnglish Teacher

This post was written by Matthew Clark Classroom management is one of the most critical components of teaching, and an area that both new and experienced teachers are continually faced with.  A teacher without control of a classroom is like a computer without a mouse–all of the learning potential is in place, but not much […]

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Thursday May 24, 2012

Notes From The Field – Interview with Santiago IDELT student, Caitlin Peterson

Caitlin Peterson is an enthusiastic student of our Bridge IDELT course in Santiago. We asked her the following questions about a week into the 4 week program to capture her first impressions of the TEFL course, her trainers, and Chile itself. Tell us a little about yourself: Where did you grow up, where did you […]

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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Culture Clash in the ESL Classroom- Hard to Say and Sometimes Harder to Handle

We all suffer culture clash to some degree in a foreign classroom. As with any language, English is tied to its own culture and customs, so an education in words and grammar cannot exclude an equally important lesson in culture. I remember my first week as an English teacher in Costa Rica. As part of […]

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Smiling Child
Wednesday May 23, 2012

Tips for Teaching English to Children: Language Learning is Play

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Most of the articles in this newsletter feature tips for working with adults, but today let’s talk about the challenging but satisfying world of teaching English to young children. Many times teachers who have trained in CELTA or other programs with an adult focus are surprised to find […]

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