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Dollar Sign
Friday September 14, 2012

Think You Can’t Afford to Teach Abroad? You Can with This One Tip!

Teaching abroad has a long list of expenses. Airfare, hotels, certification… It can be a bit daunting when you realize your dream of teaching English might cost more than you make in several months at your current job. Then maybe you look at the salaries of TEFL teachers abroad in US dollars, factor in your […]

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Friday August 31, 2012

Never Too Old to TEFL!

It may be true that the typical profile of an average TEFL teacher abroad is someone in their twenties who has just graduated college or is taking a year off to get international experience.  However, that doesn’t mean that teaching English as a foreign language is a field just reserved for the  young! Opportunities exist […]

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Thursday August 30, 2012

In Search of Chinese Food in China

Due to the forces of globalization, much of Chinese culture and cuisine seems to have Westernized over the past couple decades. From the streets of Beijing to the megamalls in Shanghai, it seems like the only restaurants that exist are KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and the occasional Haagen Das. Where are all the dim sum and […]

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Wednesday August 29, 2012

Why I Am In Love With Teaching English in Argentina: Notes From the Field Interview With Marla McPherson

For many TEFL teachers, the appeal of a specific foreign country can play a large part in choosing their TEFL destination. I asked Marla McPherson, currently teaching EFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about her love for the country and why she chose Argentina as her TEFL destination.

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Wednesday August 29, 2012

Top Three Reasons To Teach English Abroad As A Couple

At first glance, most people assume that going abroad with a significant other is easier than going alone. I would strongly disagree; living in a foreign country will always bring challenges, and these hurdles can be complicated if there are two of you. Nonetheless, there are some clear advantages, and below are my top three benefits of teaching English abroad as a couple:

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Winter Camp Valdivia 2011 Hall and Wilson
Wednesday August 29, 2012

Teach EFL and Begin a Linguistic Love Affair

love /lʌv/ noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection

Many people decide to teach English as a way to see the world, but some of them find the experience leads to a lifelong love affair. I don’t mean that they find partners in the coffee shop around the corner from the school – although that is a common experience, too. I mean that they fall in love with language.

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Answering Questions
Tuesday August 28, 2012

CELTA – Is It the Best TEFL Certification Course?

Not long after you started researching teaching English abroad, you probably came across the acronym CELTA. At first, you probably didn’t know what it was, but inevitably it popped up so many times on all the various TEFL websites that you couldn’t help but learn that it’s a TEFL certification course designed and accredited by […]

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Gathering at the park
Thursday August 23, 2012

Understanding Fluency: The Basics

Do you ever wonder what someone means when they say they are fluent in another language? How can you know when you cross the line from “un poquito” to fluido? As an examiner, I evaluate fluency by assessing the fluidity and cohesion of an English students’ speech. By fluidity, I mean the ability and willingness […]

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Scratch paper
Tuesday August 21, 2012

No Time To Plan: A Quick English Speaking Activity For The Busy TEFL Teacher

This post was written by Matthew Clark Lesson planning was never my forte as an English teacher.  I knew that it was critical to my success as a teacher and that I hated feeling unprepared, but I still fought the process.  I know that many teachers do, especially new teachers that haven’t developed a full […]

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Jot it down
Friday August 17, 2012

How Not to Learn a Language While Teaching English Abroad

Is learning a foreign language one of your main motivations for teaching abroad? It was for me. Though I had never studied Spanish and didn’t speak a word of it when I arrived in Costa Rica, I was sure I’d pick it up. I confidently assumed I would be speaking and reading Spanish in no time, simply by being there and immersing myself in the culture. How could I not, right? Well believe me, it’s possible!

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