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Keeping in Touch
Monday January 28, 2013

Keeping in Touch while Teaching Abroad

This post was written by Matthew Clark In 1965, my mother’s middle school English teacher, Mr. Barnaw, left school for Kenya to participate in a relatively new and unknown travel program, the U.S. Peace Corps.  He was a very charismatic and knowledgeable teacher and the students in my mother’s school were extremely curious to hear […]

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Monday January 28, 2013

The Value of Doing a TEFL Internship

There are several great reasons for doing a TEFL internship- a guaranteed job, visa sponsorship, etc.- but two of the best reasons are the amount of teaching practice that you receive during your time as an intern and the support you get from both your fellow teachers and employer.

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Student teaching in TEFL classroom
Monday January 28, 2013

Stand and Deliver: Teaching Practice in On-Site TEFL Courses

As a CELTA instructor, I always follow up courses by asking which aspects of the course the trainees found most valuable. Without question, the element that is cited by the great majority as the most worthwhile part of the course is the hands-on teaching practice. No matter what the age, life experience, or academic history of participants, practice teaching with real English language learners is always a process of self-discovery.

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Value of Volunteering
Thursday January 24, 2013

The Value of Volunteering in an ESL Class: My Experience

Have you ever thought about volunteering with an ESL class? It is a great way to practice your intercultural communication skills, learn about other cultures, and gain exposure to the TEFL scene. It could even help you make a better decision on what type of students would suit you better, as well as whether or […]

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Thursday January 17, 2013

Teaching English in Argentina: What to Expect

Country Overview Thinking of teaching in Argentina? This European-influenced South America country continually draws foreign teachers to cities like capital Buenos Aires, where tango dancing, open-air plazas, and café culture provide a cosmopolitan vibe. Outside the capital, Argentina also offers such diverse pursuits as Andes Mountain skiing, scenic tours of wine country and, for the […]

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Wednesday January 9, 2013

Questions about TEFL? The Answers are Right Under Your Nose…

The TEFL Experts are waiting for your call! I have a confession to make; I’ve never taught abroad. It’s true. I started working for Bridge in a different division and got moved into TEFL a few years ago. That being said, I have taken parts of our online courses and sat in on some of our […]

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Thursday January 3, 2013

Need Five More Reasons to TEFL? Check Out These Fun Cultural Events Abroad!

One of the reasons many people choose to teach English abroad is it gives them the chance to make a living and experience another country’s culture at the same time. Here are some interesting events to check out that correspond with TEFL hiring seasons in five different countries- so you’ll be able to teach English […]

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Saving Energy
Thursday December 27, 2012

Going Green! Saving Energy While Teaching Abroad

This post was written by Matthew Clark On a trip to Amsterdam I was somewhat surprised to find that the large majority of sinks—including in the apartment where I was staying—only had cold water.  At first I had some concerns about sanitation; I thought warm water was crucial to killing germs while washing your hands.  […]

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Palm Tree on the Beach
Thursday December 20, 2012

Escape the Cold: Teach Abroad in Mexico or Central America!

With winter officially here, you may be looking out your window at grey skies and snowdrifts, wishing you could have your sunny summer back again. Well guess what? You can! As the new year begins, so do many exciting teaching opportunities in toasty destinations like Mexico and Central America. That means you get the chance to head south, escape the cold, and soak up that warm summer feeling all over again.

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Wednesday December 19, 2012

Teaching in Chile vs. Teaching in Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe

An hour before the flight, I asked a South Korean how to open the triangle kimbap I had just purchased. In Spanish. My last act in the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, where I’d lived for six months teaching English in a public school, was to eat a Korean staple food. I […]

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