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Toasting champagne glasses
Monday March 11, 2013

Top 5 Favorite (& Adopted) Superstitions from Ukraine

This post was written by Matthew Clark A few months into teaching English abroad in Ukraine I had experienced firsthand several cultural superstitions.  Some of them really stretched my comfort level, most were charming.  Below are my favorites. 1. It’s not not uncommon for a mother to fasten a safety pin on her baby’s clothing […]

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Bridge over water in China
Thursday March 7, 2013

Teaching English in China: A Short Look at a Huge Country

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Country Overview China is the world’s most populous country and home to over a billion people. According to China Daily more than 300 million Chinese already are studying English—nearly one quarter of the country’s population. This adds up to a land of great opportunity for people who would […]

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TEFL teacher holding a small glass globe
Monday March 4, 2013

Teaching Abroad: What Holds People Back?

I often wonder what it is that holds people back from teaching abroad. I’ve spoken to many people who were researching TEFL, getting really excited about the idea of teaching abroad, but never ended up doing it. I have friends in Denver who know of Bridge, receive our monthly newsletters, check in with our advisors […]

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TEFL teacher at a computer
Thursday February 28, 2013

TEFL Spring Cleaning: Going Paperless When Teaching Abroad

When I first started teaching in 2005, I arrived in Costa Rica fresh out of my TEFL course with plenty of resources in hand, literally! I had reams of lesson plans and game ideas as well as clunky grammar and teaching reference books. My suitcase was heavy, but I felt ready! After teaching for a few years there, it was time to move on to Morocco, and as I tried to pack my life into two 50-pound suitcases, I found myself wondering if it was time to ditch the bulky materials and go virtual.

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TEFL student doing her practice teaching at the board
Thursday February 28, 2013

Supporting New Teachers’ Professional Growth: What Works?

How does a person become a good language teacher? The task is challenging. As teachers of English, we often work in settings – in schools and communities – that are unfamiliar. Like all teachers, we must consider the individual needs, goals, and interests of our students. Unlike some other teachers, we often work with people from traditions of education that differ from our previous experience.

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BridgeTEFL CELTA Center in Denver
Thursday February 28, 2013

Interview with Bonnie Ulrich, Denver CELTA graduate!

When many people think about TEFL teachers abroad, they picture someone right out of college, so you might be surprised to learn that people come to TEFL from all walks of life and their stories are all unique. Here’s the story of one of the graduates of our CELTA certification course in Denver, Bonnie Ulrich.

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Kayla Vandervort, English teacher in Chile
Wednesday February 27, 2013

Teaching English in Chile: Kayla Vandervort

While many of us fantasize about what it would be like to travel to the far corners of the world, many TEFL teachers are actually doing it- and loving it! I recently had the opportunity to catch up with English Opens Doors volunteer, Kayla Vandervort, to see what her experience teaching English in Patagonia has […]

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Caitlin Peterson, Bridge IDELT graduate and English teacher
Wednesday February 20, 2013

From TEFL Course to Teaching Job: Caitlin Peterson Shows Us How It’s Done!

Have you  fantasized about leaving your predictable job behind and learning a new skill, like teaching English as a foreign language?  Have you imagined the amazing places that certification might take you? Well we should warn you, Caitlin Peterson is living your dream! Caitlin signed up the IDELT teacher training course in Santiago, Chile last […]

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ESL teacher and student working together
Monday February 11, 2013

Make Sure Your Students Know They Are Improving Their Language Skills!

Are your students progressing? Of course, make sure they know it! After months of teaching a course, it happens…that bittersweet feedback from the student that says the teacher is excellent but the language improvement is poor… The worst feeling is getting feedback from students that say they don´t feel they have made any progress. How […]

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Monday February 4, 2013

Newly TEFL Certified? How to Gain Teaching Experience and Get Jobs Abroad!

When I decided to take the plunge and get certified to teach English abroad, it was all new to me. Sure, I had a degree in English and a pretty good command of grammar, but what did I know about teaching? I signed up for an onsite TEFL course and got some practice teaching under my belt, but I wanted more. What I was looking for was hands-on experience– something to put on my resume to set me apart from other newbies, and help me land a job abroad!

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