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Teach English in Argentina
Friday October 11, 2013

Get Rich in Argentina: A Guide to Becoming Bill Gates by Teaching English

After living in Argentina for a year and working as an English teacher, I have a lot of experience with the dos and don’ts of this European-inspired city.  Just one example, do not assume that you can get a full-time English teaching job at one place.  More than likely, you will teach for multiple language […]

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Featured TEFL Job
Monday October 7, 2013

Featured Job – Teach English Online From Anywhere in the World with Englishtown

Want to teach from the comfort of your own home? Apply for an online teaching position with EF today!

EF Education First, a world leader in international education with 35,000 staff in 52 countries, is seeking service-minded, high-energy educators to teach English online. Its corporate mission of “breaking down the barriers of language, culture and geography” is embodied most of all in the thousands of teachers already with us, and the company needs more like-minded people to join its ranks now.

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Teaching English Online Benefits
Friday October 4, 2013

Thinking of Becoming a Virtual Teacher? Pros and Cons of Teaching English Online

Nowadays, thanks to the plethora of video communication softwares that exist, so many jobs can be done virtually – anyone seen the television program “Web Therapy”, which is about a therapist who does sessions via webcam? Well, English classes are no exception.

There’s been a surge in the demand for online English classes and the need for certified EFL teachers as well. While teaching English online can be a good choice for some, you must beware of the pitfalls and prepare yourself for the world of teaching online!

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FAQ TEFL Questions
Monday September 30, 2013

Answers to Your Not-So-Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions

You’re not exactly a newbie when it comes to TEFL. You’ve spent hours online, searching topics related to teaching English abroad, and you know a thing or two about how it all works. In your research, you’ve gotten answers to the standard FAQs, like how to choose between online or onsite TEFL training, how many hours of training you need to get a job abroad, and what requirements there are for different countries around the world. Good job, TEFL expert, but this article is for you! Below you’ll find answers to your Not-So-Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q. If I take an online course, then teach a while, would that allow me to get hired in a country where onsite certification is usually required?  

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Going Home After TEFL
Thursday September 26, 2013

Going Back Home: Life after TEFL Abroad

Thomas Wolfe once wrote that you can’t go home again – and this is certainly true for returning to your home country after teaching English abroad. Just as you had a transition period of excitement, adjusting to a new culture, and forming different opinions when you first arrived to your new host country, reverse it and […]

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EFL Icebreakers
Wednesday September 18, 2013

Best Icebreaking Activities for the First Day in the EFL Classroom

The first day teaching a new EFL class is the most important. You’ll be setting the tone for the rest of the course, establishing ground rules and most importantly, getting to know the English level of your students. The first day is always about getting them to feel comfortable and come out of their shell […]

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Rewarding EFL Students
Thursday September 12, 2013

Rewarding your EFL Students: Don’t Forget to Add the Smiley Face!

Every accomplishment deserves a well done or pat on the back. Don’t forget to praise your EFL students when they achieve, correctly pronounce, and participate. English class can be no fun for students with drills, repetition, and homework. So don’t forget to encourage them and applause them. Here are some words of praise you can […]

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How TEFL can help you get a job at home
Tuesday September 10, 2013

How Teaching English Abroad Can Help You Land a Job at Home

Many people who are considering teaching abroad wonder if doing so is a good move for their future. They ask questions like, How will employers view my time abroad? According to a recent Forbes Magazine article, which compared data from over 1,200 employers, the personality traits you possess are just as important to hiring managers as what’s […]

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What to expect in your TEFL course abroad
Wednesday September 4, 2013

TEFL Certification Courses: What to Expect?

TEFL certification courses, whether online or in a classroom, seek to train students to be effective teachers, familiar with modern methodologies in ESL teaching and proficient in the necessary skills. But what are those skills? What is covered in a TEFL course really?

Each TEFL course’s curriculum is different, so there are a variety of other subjects that are likely to be covered. The following list is not intended to be comprehensive, but it will give you a good idea of the interesting topics that you can expect to be covered in your TEFL certification course!

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Puerto Madero
Tuesday September 3, 2013

Your First Month of Onsite TEFL: Tips to Becoming a Local in South America!

Doing an onsite course is especially exciting. Not only are you transplanted into an unfamiliar place but you also get to be a part of a TEFL experience. The first month is a balancing act to say the least. Juggling the rigor of a full academic course while trying to immerse yourself in a new culture can be difficult- sometimes overwhelming. The best tip for becoming a local fast- live like the locals do!

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