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5 unique things about Chile
Thursday December 5, 2013

Why Teach in Chile? Five Unique Things You’ll Only Find There!

Deciding on a destination to teach English abroad can be difficult! With so many great countries to choose from, what things stand out about a particular destination to you? The food? The cultural traditions? The landscape? Whatever you’re most drawn to, read on to find out about the five unique things you will only find in Chile.

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TEFL Course Certification in Paris
Thursday December 5, 2013

Why I Took My TEFL Course in Paris, France

Retired American, Roy Cohen, decided to get TEFL certified onsite in Paris, France this past October. In this featured guest blog, Roy shares his insights on the choice to spend a month in the City of Lights with his wife, Laurie. Why did I decide to take a TEFL course in Paris instead of driving […]

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Teach English in Costa Rica
Tuesday November 19, 2013

Photo Blog: Teaching English in Costa Rica

This blog post was written by guest writer and EFL teacher, Caitlin Peterson. My name is Caitlin, and since getting TEFL certified, I have been teaching English at a school in Costa Rica, called Politécnico Internaciónal, since September 2013. There are two locations-one in Heredia and one in San José. Below are pictures from the […]

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EFL teacher interview
Friday November 15, 2013

Featured EFL Teacher: Ikram Abdulmajeed

Ikram Abdulmajeed is currently an EFL teacher in Saudi Arabia and has previously taught in Spain. After studying abroad in Barcelona her senior year of college, Ikram became passionate about international education and pursued a career as an EFL teacher. She gave Bridge some insight into her journey. 1) How did you start teaching English […]

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Teaching Writing in the EFL Class
Wednesday November 13, 2013

Teaching Writing in the EFL Classroom: Freestyle or copying?

This post is a guest blog written by Scott Zimmermann, D.A. When we consider writing in an EFL classroom, we typically think of the instructor assigning a topic and specifying the length of the paragraph or essay. This kind of activity is not usually welcomed by students who realize that writing is the most difficult […]

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Teach in Argentina
Friday November 8, 2013

Featured Job: Teach English in Argentina

We recently caught up with one of the Teach in Argentina program participants to get the inside story on what it’s like to be an EFL teacher in Argentina. Read the interview below, and if you’re feeling inspired, apply today to teach English in Argentina!

Teacher’s Name:  Olivia Wilson

Teaching Location (City, Province):  Salto, Buenos Aires

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Teach South America
Friday November 8, 2013

Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions: Where should I teach abroad?

Having trouble deciding where to teach abroad? No problem! Take some advice from a former South American expat. Every country in South America offers something unique and special. I’ve honed in on a few of my favorites to make your search as painless as possible.

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Life after Study Abroad
Thursday November 7, 2013

I Studied Abroad and Loved It: Now What?

Studying abroad is a transformative experience. When you return from living and studying in a foreign country, you are forever changed by the experiences you had there, and for most people, a passion for travel is born.

But now that you’ve graduated from school and entered the “real world,” you might be wondering how you can have that kind of transformative experience again. Is there a way to live overseas, immerse yourself in a foreign culture, and support yourself in a professional way at the same time? Good news—there is: it’s TEFL!

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Online or Onsite TEFL Certification
Wednesday October 30, 2013

Blurred Lines: Is There Really a Difference Between Online and Onsite TEFL Certification?

When you’re making plans to teach English abroad and looking into the different TEFL course options, it soon becomes clear you’ve got a decision to make: will you choose online teacher training, or training in a traditional classroom? It’s pretty easy to see the value of a traditional, hands-on TEFL course that includes teaching practice, […]

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Telling Stories in TEFL
Friday October 18, 2013

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your EFL Lessons

I’m a very visual person. I need to see something to understand it and often looking at images inspires my creativity. That’s why I love Pinterest. I use it for everything from inspiration for recipes, ideas to decorate my house, and yes- even ideas for EFL lessons. There are hundreds of classroom-inspired pin boards, and […]

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