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Teach in Argentina
Tuesday April 15, 2014

Teach in Argentina Insights from Alum Hannah P.

Today we’re bringing you a look inside the life of a Teach in Argentina program alum. Hannah P. taught in Rafaela, Santa Fe, for almost a year, and so she’s filled with great insights and words of wisdom for anyone thinking about participating in the program! Read on for a taste of daily life in Argentina.

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Tuesday April 15, 2014

How Teaching in Argentina Will Change Your Life

Yes, we’ve said it until we’re blue in the face: teaching abroad will change your life. And it really, truly will. No matter where you go to study or teach, you will learn lessons about yourself and your fellow human beings that you might never have learned at home.

Here are just a few from my personal experience living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for just over three years. Of course your experience will be completely different from mine, but if I had to guess, I bet you will learn these lessons too.

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Teacher and Students
Friday April 11, 2014

5 Do’s for Building Rapport in the ESL Classroom

Think back to some of your favorite classes in high school and college. What made them so memorable and enjoyable? I remember Art Studio 4D like it was yesterday: for our final project, we had to exhibit an alternate persona for 48 hours. The final exam happened during those 48 hours, and the lecture hall […]

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Wednesday April 9, 2014

Featured Program: Guaranteed Job Placement Teaching Kids in Argentina!

Are you looking for a guaranteed, hassle-free teaching experience abroad, but you’re not sure where to start? Would you like to gain international teaching experience in a structured, supportive program? Do you love working with children and want to discover a new culture and language while boosting your Spanish skills and your résumé? Then the Teach in Argentina program is a perfect fit for you!

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Featured TEFL Job in Chile and Argentina
Wednesday April 9, 2014

Featured TEFL Job: Teach Adults in Chile or Argentina!

Are you searching for a rewarding, paid teaching opportunity in Latin America with a global education company? Bridge, an industry leader with almost 30 years’ experience in the field, is now hiring English teachers at our language centers in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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Tuesday April 8, 2014

The Perks of Teaching in Thailand

Known as the “land of smiles”, Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Cambodia and Vietnam to the East, Laos to the north and Burma to the west. Thailand is a favorite destination for many TEFL teachers!

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Thai_Baht_-_1000_Baht_notes 2
Friday April 4, 2014

Strapped for Cash? TEFL In Thailand!

I’ve heard both sides of the coin; some found Thailand to be a bank breaker and others were able to live quite comfortably. So what makes the difference?

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Friday April 4, 2014

5 Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like An Argentine

So you’re ready to teach abroad in Argentina? If you’ve been studying a proper form of Spanish, you might be in for a surprise when you touch down in the land of vino, tango, and dulce de leche. Argentine Spanish has a unique accent that you will not find anywhere else in South America. And […]

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Interview with Kimberly Parker
Monday March 24, 2014

Going Places: Interview with Graduate Kimberly Parker

Originally from New Jersey via Maryland in the United States, Kimberly K. Parker has written four books and published a total of 28 articles. Prior to moving to China, Kimberly taught online English Language Arts and Writing classes to children in elementary, middle, and high school. After completing the 100-Hour TEFL Online Course in December 2013, Kimberly moved abroad and is currently teaching English in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Kimberly is married and has four children. Both she and her daughter plan to collaborate on a book about their experiences in China.

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Tips for taking an Online TEFL Course
Saturday March 22, 2014

Tips to Taking an Online TEFL Certification Course

If you’ve never taken an online course before, you likely don’t have a clue what to expect. The online classroom can be a challenge for someone that has never been exposed to its unique format, so here are some tips to ensure that you do not become overwhelmed!

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