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Tuesday July 1, 2014

TEFL & Uncle Sam: 5 Independence Day Classroom Activities

Here in the States Independence Day is upon us. Summer is in full swing, school is out, and households across the country are hanging their flags in the garden and stocking up for the big 4th of July cookout. Why not transfer some of this patriotic cheer to your TEFL classroom? The 4th of July […]

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Monday June 30, 2014

TEFL Better with LinkedIn

You might be using social media to share your best photos, stories, and rants about teaching abroad, but are you using it to become a better teacher? Perhaps it’s time to graduate to LinkedIn, where the grown-ups and professionals hang out. You’ll find tons of groups and networks full of TEFL teaching jobs, resources, and […]

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Tuesday June 24, 2014

Best TEFL Games For Adults

So you landed your first TEFL gig for adults. You might be thinking: “What the @#$% am I going to teach now without my arsenal of fun TEFL games?” Fear not, dear TEFLer! While adults may appear serious and boring, they enjoy a good game just as much as your average elementary-schooler. Perhaps even more […]

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Friday June 20, 2014

Are Online TEFL Courses Worth It?

As you research online vs. onsite TEFL certification, you keep running into heated debates about why online TEFL courses are not a good choice. I disagree, and I’ll tell you why.

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Thursday June 19, 2014

The Eternal TEFL Question: Online or Onsite Certification?

We’ve gone through our student interview archive and picked the best quotes to help us settle the battle between online and onsite certification courses.

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Monday June 16, 2014

Hate Being Hot? Teach In South America This Summer!

If you’re the type that misses winter in July, here are some places you might want to teach this summer to escape the heat.

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TEFL Myths Debunked
Thursday May 15, 2014

5 TEFL Myths Debunked

The TEFL world is large and complicated one. Many teachers who are new to the field get mixed answers from all the blogs, forums and sites out there. So we just want to set the record straight for all you curious future teachers!

Myth: Employers won’t look well on teach abroad experience on your resume.

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ESL Students
Wednesday May 7, 2014

4 Typical ESL Students You’ll Find in South America

One of the best things about teaching English is the variety of people you’ll get to meet as your students. Whether you teach English in bustling Buenos Aires, sleek Santiago, or beautiful Brazil, you can expect to run into a great variety of ESL students from different industries and walks of life. Here are the […]

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Journal Writing
Friday May 2, 2014

Journal Your Way to TEFL Success

Journaling is not just for backpackers and sweet sixteens! In fact, the humble journal can be your best teaching tool in the TEFL classroom. Here at Bridge, we recommend taking the time to jot a few notes at the end of each class in your own TEFL journal, and here’s why: 1. You’ll get ideas […]

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Tuesday April 29, 2014

Notes From The Field: First Day Of A Spanish Teaching Adventure

This is a guest post written by TEFL teacher, Steven Wheeler. As I was looking out at the roaming green hills of Cantabria and watching the rain hit the train window, I wondered why people thought Spain was so sunny. I was on my way to my first TEFL job in Santander, Spain and there […]

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