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Thursday February 5, 2015

Profile of a Typical Teaching Position in Chile: Bridge English

We’ve profiled the Bridge language center in Santiago, Chile, which is now hiring qualified teachers for April start dates!

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Wednesday January 28, 2015

Asia Overview: Where Should I Teach English?

To zero-in on which particular Asian country fits you best, we’ve highlighted a few popular spots. Wherever you go, the market for teachers throughout Asia is booming!

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Wednesday January 14, 2015

5 Things You Can Only Do In China

Headed to Asia? Prepare to have the time of your life in a new culture where everything is exciting and different. Make the most of it by with these 5 fun things you can only do in China!

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Wednesday January 7, 2015

Notes From the Field: Nicole in Rio de Janeiro

After finishing the Bridge IDELT in Rio, she decided to stay and teach. Like many visitors to Brazil, Nicole couldn’t bring herself to leave the city of her dreams!

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Tuesday December 23, 2014

Bring on Brazil! One Teacher’s Journey from Certification to the Classroom

If I was going to go around the world to teach; I figured I ought to find out what living abroad was really like. Here’s why I decided to get TEFL Certified outside of the US:

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Wednesday December 17, 2014

Seeking Summer in January? Teach English in South America!

In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are completely reversed. If you can’t stand the winter freeze, consider avoiding the winter altogether by teaching in South America.

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Saturday November 29, 2014

Learning And Living Through Culture Shock in China

Mary shares with us her newest adventures as a TEFL teacher living in China.

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Caitlin (far right) in Costa Rica
Wednesday November 19, 2014

The Greatest Gift My TEFL Students Have Given Me

We reached out to past IDELT student (and current TEFL teacher), Caitlin P. for some insight on what she thinks is the greatest gift she’s ever received as a teacher.

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Wednesday November 12, 2014

Cherished Memories: a TEFL Teacher’s Most Prized Gift

I typically got candy, T-shirts, or souvenirs of the country, and once even a bottle of wine from a parent. But the best gift I ever received was more of a memory, and to this day I still cherish it the most.

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Monday November 3, 2014

Notes From The Field: Nurse Turned TEFL Teacher

She knew she was ready for a change in her lifestyle because she felt like she was settling. Here’s how Mary’s first career prepped her for her first TEFL job in China:

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