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Why Get TEFL Certified When You Have a Master’s in Linguistics? Lisa, TEFLOnline Graduate, Explains graduate, Lisa, has had an interesting path on the way to teaching English abroad. After graduating college, she wanted to obtain a Master’s in Linguistics so she moved to the UK from Boston for graduate school. Her next goal was to become a TEFL teacher, so she earned her certification from Bridge. Lisa explains her educational background, her decision to get TEFL certified, and her experience getting a job and teaching English in Taiwan and Italy!

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Teacher Spotlight: Johanna in China

Learn about our TEFL graduate, Johanna, who traveled from her home in Germany to teach English abroad in China! Learn about her job, her internship, and her travels around the country!

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3 tips for dealing with culture shock while living abroad.

Your 3-Step Plan to Deal with Culture Shock While Abroad

If you are afflicted by wanderlust, you know how exciting it is to think about living and teaching in a new country. However, there’s another side to all the excitement of discovering new cultures, especially on your own, and that is the reality of culture shock. Don’t get caught off guard! You can deal with culture shock in positive ways if you anticipate this normal phase of adjustment and follow these three steps.

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5 More Countries Where You Can Teach English with an Online TEFL Certificate

Online courses are an affordable, convenient option for TEFL certification, and more people are certified this way than by more intensive, classroom-based TEFL courses. But does online training lead to fewer jobs? Where exactly can you teach with an online TEFL certificate? The good news is, you have lots of options. We previously shared 5 places you can teach with an online TEFL certificate, and this article follows up with 5 more!

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Wohnhuser am cerro, Valparaso / Chile

Prepare for your Future: Teach English in South America!

Teaching English in South America is really a no-brainer. Surround myself with a beautiful country with a long and interesting history that’s full of friendly people who almost all want to learn English? Yes please!

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Course Spotlight: Bridge IDELT – Online (International Diploma in English Language Teaching)

Getting TEFL certified in a traditional classroom setting (called an onsite course) is often the first choice of prospective English teachers. However, the 4-week, 9-5, intensive schedule of onsite courses, such as the Bridge International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELT) can be a barrier for many people. For that reason and others, such as […]

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junge mitarbeiterin präsentiert ideen am chart

TEFL, TESOL, TESL and CELTA: Making Sense of Teach Abroad Terms

I remember when I first started doing research into the certification required to teach English abroad. I imagined there would be some kind of official website that led me to the one kind of certificate required to become an English teacher, but it didn’t turn out to be so cut and dry. Instead I found myself lost in a sea of unfamiliar terms that all seemed to have roughly the same mix of letters, but were slightly different. Sound familiar?

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Top view of students studying at the main hall university Launches Newest Version!

Our most popular online teacher certification course,, has just debuted its newest version. We’ve not only updated the course curriculum, but we’ve also made improvements to the course structure and design by moving to an innovative platform that’s user friendly, fun and interactive.

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Joseph Gagliano 4 Grad, Joseph, is “Living the Dream” in Italy!

From my first visit to Italy, to the city of Florence in 2012, I had an unique connection. After exploring different options, I decided that getting certification as a English teacher was a way of obtaining my dream of living in Italy. After receiving a copy of my certification I got to work and found a list of English Schools in Italy… and decided that the Inlingua School of Parma was the right fit for me.

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EFL Teaching Tip: Break Free from Frozen Teaching Techniques

Even experienced teachers can fall into bad habits, using outdated techniques that limit students’ learning experience rather than broadening it. Curriculum expert, Susan Weymouth, shares a time-frozen teaching technique you should avoid and suggests a more vibrant strategy to replace it that your students will love.  Time-Frozen Strategy: Grammar-Translation This method was designed for Latin […]

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